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Websites and digital marketing to help small businesses get more clients and make more sales.


So who 

are we?


Hi. Welcome to Banni Digital.


If you're a small business owner, it's time to kick your feet up and grab a drink.

We're a crowd of guys and gals who are helping businesses tackle the worries of the digital world by offering a one stop shop for all digital marketing needs.

We have the solutions so you can focus on the fun business stuff, the reason you started your venture in the first place.

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What we do.


Marketing is best achieved when there is consistency throughout the entire process. Taking this integrated approach aligns your marketing, which drives brand recognition and trust. While we can take care of individual elements, our services work best as a complete package. We take care of the marketing, you take care of the business stuff.


Your prospects view your website as an indicator of trust and credibility for your business. It should capture the same professionalism and values your business does.


(google ranking)

The bulk of online experiences start with a Google search. Our SEO service helps get your beautiful new website found in that search.

Social Media

Your audience spends their time on Instagram and  Facebook. So your brand has to be winning in that space. Whether it's organic or paid, it's a critical part of your marketing strategy.

Branding & Graphic Design

Includes logos, brand colours and fonts. It's a highly visual digital world we live in. Branding alignment helps make a lasting impression on prospects.

Visual Content

Includes photography and videography. Your website, socials and video ads all need visual content. Sack the stock photos and add some personality to your brand.

Business cards, document templates and the rest. Have everything you put your business name or logo on be consistent and in sync.

The Rest
Our work.



Other work

Business cards for Cronulla Cuts

Instagram page + logo for The Pineapple People



In the process of picking up a pair of uni degrees, I'd help small businesses with their marketing for experience and beer money. In doing this I realised a common theme among many small business owners. They are experts in their field - pilates, construction, car hire, whatever it is - but don't know a whole lot about marketing themselves in today's digital world.

So, why not offer a solution where the whole digital marketing process is taken care of, where each element is handled by an expert in that area. Then, you can focus on the fun business stuff, your core business stuff, and providing the best product or service possible.

I built Banni Digital around one thing above all - putting the client at the forefront of our business. We want our clients to be head over heels with what we create for them. Constantly striving for this satisfaction means we can build long term relationships. That's why it works.

Matthew Hood



“Working with this charming and driven young man has been nothing short of a breeze. Matthew was calm and considered in his approach to bringing my dream website to life. 


In my over-excited briefing, he was able to absorb the vision amidst the rambling and transform it into a sleek and polished end result. His patience with me and my multiple requests and changes was seriously appreciated.


I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of work.”​


—  Jakson, Freelancer


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